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Pink Lotus Dried Cut Petals

Pink Lotus Dried Cut Petals

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  • 1 pack of loose, organically sourced, Thailandese Pink Lotus Dried Petals (Nelumbo Nucifera) | 30 gr in each pack
  • Instructions on how to use are listed below

From religious and cultural symbolism to medicinal applications, the Pink Lotus has been used in all areas of ancient life including the treatment of hypertension, diarrhea, fever, weakness, skin inflammation, and heat imbalance of the body.

Pink Lotus, like all the other lotuses, are a close relative of Sacred Blue Waterlily (nymphaea caerulea), which is known commonly as Blue Lotus.

Aside from being visually similar, all these flowers have similar alkaloids, apomorphine and nuciferine, that help release dopamine and serotonin to influence our mood and produce mild psychoactive effects that may induce euphoria.

These effects are the main reason the flower was brewed into a tea for many different kinds of celebrations.

Nelumbo nucifera is intimately linked with the Buddhist religion, with Pink symbolizing the traditional concept of purity of the body and mind. It represents the achievement of enlightenment and the transformation of one's nature.

Very aromatic but gentle in taste, energetically it carries a refreshing energy making it a wonderful ally and support during the maiden or follicular phase of your cycle.


  • May reduce menstrual irregularities
  • Anti-diabetic (DO NOT consume if intaking anti-diabetic medication)
  • Mild sedative
  • Sleep aid
  • Antioxidant, anti-aging
  • Lucid Dreaming inducer
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Natural Analgesic

Our Pink Lotus comes from a beautiful farm of loving herbalists in a dreamland in Thailand. They have been cultivating Lotus flowers for over 100 years as a family making it the highest quality lotus flowers you will ever try. These are hand cut flowers grown biodinamically and sundried with so much love and care.


FOR TEA: Add boiling hot water to a teapot or in a large cup and steep 7-8 petals of Red Lotus for 6 / 7 minutes. Drink the full cup and top up again with boiling water 2 to 3 times until the leafs become pale and brownish in colour.

FOR SMOKE: Grind up 2 / 3 soft petals and add to a small Pipe, your vaporiser or sprinkle over rolling papers. Works great on its own or mixed with other herbs too.

* Pink Lotus Flowers are an alternative therapy and should not be used to diagnose or treat serious medical conditions. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your healthcare physician first.


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