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Slim Amethyst Yoni Wand

Slim Amethyst Yoni Wand

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What's included:

* Straight, undyed, 100% Pure Amethyst slim wand
* Luxury Rigid Box for safe keeping
* Cotton linen pouch
* Instruction Brochure in English (other languages are available to download digitally)

Size: 17-18cm long x 2.5cm wide x 1cm narrow tip

Origin: Bahia, Brazil

The slim wand is a remarkable tool that can assist your sexual healing through "de-armouring" the vagina, as you can easily target the muscles in your vagina with the tip of the wand in all the various tension or numb points you might have within.

The slim wand is a good choice if you suffer from pelvic floor hyper tension, if you are a virgin, or you generally prefer having a feeling of easeful dexterity using your wand in your Yoni.

Amethyst Properties:

Amethyst is known as one of the master Crystals when it comes to spirituality. It gets its name from the Greek amethystos, meaning "not intoxicated."

The Greeks believed the semiprecious stone would guard them against drunkenness. Many years later, medieval soldiers wore amulets made of amethyst to protect themselves during battle; they believed the stone possessed healing powers.

In Tibet, amethyst is considered sacred and is used to produce prayer beads. In the world of crystal healing, amethyst is believed to help purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

To this end, the stone is often used in meditation. Healers believe that sitting with the stone in a calm room can aid in relaxation and intuition. It creates a protective energy field around its carrier, assisting in transmuting negative energies within the wearer and protecting them from external negative energies.

Amethyst assists in encouraging our growth towards our higher potential and spiritual expansion. It also brings peace, insight and calmness, and helps insomnia sufferers sleep more easily.


Regarding Ethics and sustainability of Sacress Crystals please head over to the FAQ's section of this website.




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